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Alleged next-gen iPod touch front panel compared with iPhone 4


An LCD and digitizer alleged to be from Apple's upcoming fourth-generation iPod touch shows a display that is smaller and different in color than the iPhone 4 front panel.

The website got their hands on a purported part from Apple's forthcoming iPod touch refresh. Like on the iPhone 4, the LCD, glass and digitizer on the part are all fused together as one solid component that cannot be disassembled.

A side-by-side comparison with the front panel for a third-generation iPod touch shows that the presumed new device is slightly longer and slimmer than its predecessor. Laid next to the iPhone 4 front panel, the supposed iPod touch component is slightly smaller.

The site also noted that the LCD panel on the iPhone 4 is darker than the display found on the alleged fourth-generation iPod touch front panel. It said the fourth-generation screen has a "red or grayish tint to it."

The site also noted that the connections included on the LCD and digitizer are "a little different" than found on the iPhone 4. The purported iPod touch panel is also missing brackets found on the side of the iPhone 4 assembly.

As with numerous previous leaked parts (1, 2), the front panel includes a space likely to be used for a forward-facing camera. This would mean that the next-generation iPod touch will allow FaceTime video chat over Wi-Fi.