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Apple's annual iPod event with iTV unveiling rumored for Sept. 7

Though it is widely expected that Apple will hold a media-centric event in September, a new report claims sources within the company have confirmed the date: Sept. 7.

Bloomberg added to its report on Apple's alleged plans for a 99 cent TV show rental service, and cited an anonymous source in stating the Sept. 7 event date.

"Episodes will be available to Apple's rental service within 24 hours of their air dates and will be commercial-free, one of the people said," author Peter Burrows wrote. "Apple plans to hold a San Francisco Event Sept. 7, two weeks ahead of the start of the new prime-time TV season, to unveil the service and an updated line of entertainment products, two people said."

The report also added that the new Apple TV, called "iTV" in some rumors, will be a "new direction" for the company. Apple previously attempted to start a subscription TV plan, but networks reportedly rejected the company's pitch. A subscription plan could cut into the high retransmission rates that networks receive from cable operators, the report said.

The information was added to an initial report filed Tuesday by Bloomberg, in which the publication said that Apple was in "advanced talks" with News Corp., owner of the Fox network, to offer 99 cent TV show rentals ahead of an anticipated Apple TV update. Apple is also said to be in negotiations with CBS and ABC for a service that would allow users to rent shows through iTunes for 48 hours.

The report also said that Apple, at its planned Sept. 7 event, will introduce a new iPod touch with a higher-resolution screen, as well as a cloud-centric Apple TV with less internal storage starting at $99.

Previous reports have also shed light on Apple's alleged Apple TV refresh, which one rumor claimed will be called iTV. It has been suggested the new hardware will run Apple's iOS operating system and will allow access to software on the App Store.

Digg Founder Kevin Rose said Apple's iAds will allow content producers to directly monetize and distribute their content, and the new "iTV" will turn the iPad into a remote control as the "preferred input device." He also suggested that the iPad could be used to edit videos, control games, and see alternate camera angles with an "interactive television experience."