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Google Voice iPhone apps approved by Apple

Software accessing the Google Voice telephony service began appearing in the iPhone App Store on Sunday, reversing Apple's previous opposition to such applications.

Two Google Voice applications were accepted into the App Store on Sunday: GV Mobile + and GV Connect (iTunes links). Their acceptance marks the first time that Apple has allowed such software since it removed Google Voice apps in July of 2009.

Earlier this month, Sean Kovacs, the developer of GV Mobile +, indicated he had spoken with Apple, and representatives with the company indicated they would approve his software. The change in policy came after Apple published its App Store Review Guidelines for all to see.

Still not listed on the App Store, however, is Google's own official Google Voice application. It was the "non-rejection" of that software last year that caused a controversy and even led to an inquiry from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.

In a letter to the FCC, Apple claimed that it was reviewing the official Google Voice application. The company said it had not outright rejected the software, but was instead considering it. Over a year passed, though, with no word on its official acceptance or rejection.

Google, on the other hand, said in its own letter to the FCC that Apple had outright "rejected" the Google Voice application from the App Store.

Sunday's new applications, however, would suggest that the search giant could once again submit its Google Voice application, and have it accepted into the App Store.