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New Manhattan office to house Apple's expanding iAd team - report

Apple reportedly plans to set up a new office near Union Square in New York City, from which its growing iAd team will run the company's new mobile advertising network.

Multiple sources relayed to Silicon Alley Insider that Apple plans to open the new Manhattan location and bolster its efforts to win over decision makers in the advertising industry. Currently, employees are working out of a small office in SoHo that used to be the home of Quattro Wireless, before that advertiser was purchased by Apple.

The Quattro Wireless Office, though, is only suited to hold about 30 people, the report said. It's likely that the new Union Square office would be able to accommodate more employees for Apple's expanding advertising business.

In August, AppleInsider first revealed that Apple was looking to expand the creative staff for the iAd team. Multiple job listings from Apple have sought to bring new hires into the New York City-based team.

New York City's Madison Avenue is considered to be the hub of the advertising industry, and the street's name is often used to refer to the industry. However, many agencies are located all across the city, and are not confined to Madison Avenue.

Apple has said that its iAds business has had a strong start. When the service launched in July, Apple had already secured more than $60 million in deals through the end of 2010.

But Apple has also had its share of troubles winning over advertisers, who have expressed skepticism toward the iPhone maker's entrance into the business, and also its pricing structure. In August, The Wall Street Journal revealed that Apple exerted tight control over the creative process in iAds, which frustrated some advertisers.

However, some other companies have been quick to praise the success of the iAds platform. Nissan revealed that users who viewed its advertisement for the Leaf electric car spent 90 seconds viewing the interactive content, which is 10 times more than customers spend with a traditional ad.