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Apple owes Steve Jobs some money: $37.91

Steve Jobs has some unclaimed property, ranging from unclaimed wages at Apple to shares of IBM and Time Warner as well as unclaimed annuity and insurance checks.

Apple's chief executive probably isn't hurting for it, but the billionaire has a $37.91 check due from the company he manages, according to the State of California's unclaimed property search website.

There's also $0.20 worth of dividends from Time Warner waiting for Jobs, along with two shares of IBM and one share of Time Warner. IBM also owes Jobs unclaimed income, although the total is only around $35.

There are also a few hundred dollars in insurance and annuity checks that Jobs has yet to claim.

The extent of Jobs' unclaimed riches is detailed for the public thanks to California's Unclaimed Property Law, which "requires corporations, businesses, associations, financial institutions, and insurance companies to annually report and deliver property to the California State Controller's Office after there has been no activity on the account or contact with the owner for a period of time specified in the law - generally three years or more."

To claim his property, Jobs only needs to file paperwork with the state, which can now be done online.