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Google brings speaking, listening Translate app to iPhone

Google has converted its web-based Google Translate into a native iOS app for iPhone, with voice input for 15 languages and support for speaking results in 23 languages.

In addition to voice input, the new app can translate written words and phrases in 57 languages, similar to the company's Translate web app.

But the new iOS app now allows users to tap a microphone button and begin speaking a phrase in one of 15 languages instead of typing it.

The translated results can be spoken aloud in 23, or displayed full screen to make it easy to show another person. Translated results in non-Latin scripts, such as Chinese or Japanese, can also be displayed phonetically in Pinyin or Romanji to make it easier for non-native speakers to read out loud.

The app lists a series of favorite translations for easy reference, which can be accessed even when the device has no Internet connection (live translation requires a WiFi or mobile signal to obtain results from Google via the cloud).