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Inside Mac OS X 10.7 Lion: Font Book 3, Emoji support

Apple has enhanced its Font Book app for managing installed font faces, and has added a new Emoji font commonly used in chat to express ideograms.

Font Book 3.0 now provides more flexible displays of the character glyphs supplied by a particular font face, with the standard alphabetical list augmented with a display of every glyph used in the font, and an information panel that lists its full metadata.

The information panel (below) presents every supported language, the version, its installed location, a description of the font, its copyright and trademark data, the number of glyphs supplied, whether it is embeddable, enabled, copy protected or installed as a duplicate.

Duplicate font files are flagged with a warning icon, and can be fixed automatically or resolved manually from a comparison drop down sheet (below).

The new Apple Color Emoji font supplies 502 glyphs in a TrueType font. Apple previously added emoticon support in iOS within Japanese input, which replaced typed characters with suggested faces created from Roman characters. The new move in Lion suggests company is likely to add actual Emoji input to the iOS as well.