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Ex-Apple manager charged in kickback scheme pleads guilty, forfeits $2.3M

The former Apple global supply manager charged with accepting over a million dollars in kickbacks for company secrets has pleaded guilty to multiple criminal counts.

Paul Devine, former iPhone global supply manager for Apple, pleaded guilty on Monday to charges that he accepted kickbacks from Asian suppliers, according to Reuters. The plea, discovered in a statement from the U.S. Attorney's office in San Francisco, Calif., is a change from last August, when Devine pleaded not guilty to charges that he accepted more than a million dollars in bribes and payments.

Devine, who worked for Apple starting in 2005, was accused of providing information and assistance to six overseas suppliers. He was indicted last year on 23 counts.

Devine has reportedly pleaded guilty to charges of wire fraud, conspiracy, and money laundering. He will also forfeit about $2.28 million worth of property and money.

An investigation of Devine last year found that the former Apple supply manager stashed more than $150,000 in cash in shoe boxes in his home. The six-figure sum was allegedly found in his home when it was raided by federal agents.

Last November, prosecutors for the U.S. government began seeking the forfeiture of about $950,000 that investigators seized from as many as six different bank accounts. They also sought to obtain a Porsche Cayenne, a vehicle with a starting price of nearly $50,000.