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Apple rumored to issue iOS 4.3.1 with security, bug fixes within two weeks

Apple is expected to release a minor update to its mobile operating system for the iPhone and iPad, iOS 4.3.1, in the next few weeks to address bugs and plug security holes, according to a new rumor.

According to Boy Genius Report, the anticipated software update will arrive within one to two weeks. iOS 4.3.1 is said to contain "minor bug fixes," including a fix for a vulnerability that allowed hackers to jailbreak the newly released iPad 2.

The update is also said to include baseband updates for the iPhone 3GS and original iPad with 3G. It will also reportedly fix an issue with the iOS Springboard and third-party applications not recognizing the gyroscope on the iPad 2.

The anticipated update is also said to address a problem that would cause memory corruption when reading large files from USIM filesystem. iOS 4.3.1 is also said to fix a problem with NTLM authentication in applications and on websites.

Boy Genius Report has, in the past, correctly pinpointed the release of iOS updates through its sources at wireless carriers. Earlier this month, the site did correctly indicate that iOS 4.3 would see an early release, though it was incorrectly off by one day in its "exclusive" report.

News of an anticipated 4.3.1 update for iOS came earlier this month, when security researcher Charlie Miller revealed that Apple has a fix in the works for a flaw in its Safari mobile Web browser. Miller exposed the flaw at the Pwn2Own hacking contest, and privately shared the exploit with Apple to help the company patch its software.

iOS 4.3 was released just weeks ago, and includes faster JavaScript performance in the mobile Safari Web browser. It also brought new features like Personal Hotspot for tethering a 3G data connection over Wi-Fi, iTunes Home Sharing for streaming content wirelessly over a home network, and support for AirPlay in third-party applications.