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Apple's iPad 2 now on sale at select Toys R Us stores

Apple's U.S. retail expansion of the iPad 2 continues, with the second-generation touchscreen tablet now on sale at select Toys R Us locations.

Toys R Us began advertising availability of the iPad 2 on Sunday. Its arrival came just over a week after a leaked internal document from the retailer suggested it would begin selling the iPad 2 by May.

The Toys R Us website offers a list of stores where the iPad 2 can be purchased. Currently, the device is only available at select locations across the U.S.

The leaked Toys R Us Product sheet also indicated that the official Smart Covers, Camera Connection Kit and VGA Connector will be available for sale in stores. The Toys R Us site makes mention of the Apple Smart Covers.

Sunday marks the debut of the iPad at Toys R Us. For years, the retailer has sold various versions of Apple's iPod lineup, including the iPod touch. It also sells a number of accessories that connect to the standard 30-pin dock found on iPod, iPhone and iPad devices.

Sunday's sale also coincides with a nationwide promotion U.S. retailer Best Buy is holding for the iPad 2. Best Buy has advertised availability of the device in its weekly flier, and has been stockpiling units for the promotion.

Apple has rapidly expanded availability of the iPad 2 when compared to the first-generation iPad a year ago. The iPad 2 first went on sale in the U.S. in early March, and was available at Apple's retail stores, as well as Best Buy, Target and Walmart, while late last month it went on sale at 500 Radio Shack stores.

International availability of the iPad also ramped up more quickly with this year's model, as the iPad 2 is now on sale in 25 additional countries internationally. The hot-selling device will also be available in Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and additional countries in April, Apple has said.