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Developer notes Apple testing iOS 5.0 internally with third party apps

A third party iOS developer notes having received a crash report from a system running iOS 5.0, indicating that Apple is internally testing the new system using third party apps.

The developer, FutureTap, posted a tweet noting the crash log from a system running iOS 5.0, adding that "MKUserLocationBreadCrumb sounds interesting," followed by a screen shot of the report (below).

The MKUserLocation class is part of the iOS MapKit framework, and is used to lookup the device's current location. It has existed since iOS 3.0.

MKUserLocationBreadCrumb indicates a new feature related to tracking changes in the user's reported location over time.

While Apple has been rumored to be working on its own mapping technology to replace iOS' dependance upon Google Maps, Apple's existing MapKit documentation indicates the software is currently closely tied to Google's Maps and Earth services.

Apple executives noted that work is being done to compile crowdsourced mapping data related to a new traffic service, but noted that product would appear "in the next couple years."