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Inside iOS 5: AirPlay Mirroring will be its "most exciting feature"

An overview of the new AirPlay Mirroring feature of iOS 5 demonstrates how the new operating system release breathes new life into mobile gaming by taking advantage of wireless HDTV integration via Apple TV.

While some existing iOS devices have the ability to wirelessly deliver video playback to HDTVs via the AirPlay feature, iOS 5 will support AirPlay Mirroring to use an Apple TV-connected screen to act as an external display for nearly anything on the mobile device.

The latest beta 6 release of iOS 5 demonstrates new proficiency in presenting smooth, realtime video from existing apps to an external display, according to a report by AppleNApps.

"Currently there are a few apps with HDMI out support so you can enter a special full screen mode as you transfer the iPad screen to the TV via a cable. The full screen modes automatically works wirelessly with AirPlay Mirroring, and should work even better once developers update their apps for the technology," the site notes.

"It’s also interesting that iPhone only apps with no iPad native app still work with full screen support via AirPlay Mirroring," the site states, noting that developers can still disable the feature, as Hulu does.

"The feature is simply amazing to use, and redefines not only iPad gaming, but gaming as a whole. It’s already great in iOS 5 Beta 6, and when iOS 5 public release hits in the fall, it’s almost beyond imagination."

Expanded support for AirPlay among iOS app developers should help bring attention to Apple's "hobby" of selling an iOS-based set top box capable of watching Netflix, MLB, Vimeo and YouTube and renting movies and streaming other iTunes content.