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Adobe releases Photoshop Elements 10, Premiere Elements 10 for Mac

Adobe on Tuesday announced the release of Photoshop Elements 10, the best-selling consumer photo editing software, and Premiere Elements 10, the most popular consumer video editing application, for Mac and Windows.

Both Photoshop Elements 10 and Premiere Elements 10 are now available for purchase with a suggested price of $99.99 each, or in a bundle for $149.99. Existing users can upgrade from any past version for $79.99, while a bundle upgrade is $119.99.

Photoshop Elements 10

Adobe's Photoshop Elements 10 is powered by the same engine as the professional-level Adobe Photoshop. The company said that the latest version adds features that "continue to expand the possibilities for organizing, editing and sharing photo creations."

"Celebrating a 10-year history as well as a landmark 10th release, Photoshop Elements 10 is a showcase for innovation and expands the incredible things our customers can do with their photos," said Winston Hendrickson, vice president of Digital Imaging Products at Adobe. "The new intelligent feature set and automated functionality in Photoshop Elements allow photo enthusiasts to elevate everyday photos from good to great."

In announcing the launch of Photoshop Elements 10 Adobe highlighted the following new features and changes:

  • Making Photos Pop with Innovative Tools:
    • Powered by the same engine as Adobe Photoshop, the industry standard for digital imaging, Photoshop Elements 10 utilizes intelligent technology that makes it easy to give everyday photos a boost. Photoshop technology is brought to life through easy to follow steps for achieving stunning photo effects in an approachable way with new Guided Edits, which are very popular and successful. These include innovations such as creating a shallow depth of field or designing a fun layout of snapshots with Picture Stack, or even adding a dream-like diffused glow with the Orton effect.
    • New text functionality, which scrapbookers will especially love, allows users to add curving, flowing text to a photo that automatically follows the outline of a subject, custom path or shape. In addition, special crop guides now help users at any level easily achieve interesting, visually appealing compositions. Also, the Smart Brush lets users paint unique effects onto specific areas of photos and now features 30 new effects like Pencil Sketch and Oil Pastel.
  • Organize Like Never Before
    • With Photoshop Elements 10, users not only have access to fun editing and creation features, but also the ability to organize photos. Object Search automatically finds objects within photos, such as a landmark, flower or pet. The Elements Organizer can even automatically detect duplicate or near-duplicate photos so users can clean up and delete the photos they don’t need and quickly group similar collections of photos. Also, photo enthusiasts who shoot video can now upload their clips directly to Facebook or YouTube.
    • Photoshop Elements 10 users can purchase Adobe’s integrated online service, Photoshop Elements Plus, which includes 20GB of storage for automatic online backup and sharing (up to 15,000 photos or four hours of DVD-quality video), as well as access to an extensive library of how-to's, artwork and Online Album templates for sharing online.
  • Sharing Made Seamless
    • Whether users are social networking or using sharing sites like Facebook, Flickr®, YouTube or, Photoshop Elements 10 lets customers share their photos directly from within the Elements Organizer and view them from virtually anywhere on the go, offering a comprehensive set of sharing capabilities for today’s increasingly social and mobile worlds. For Facebook lovers, Photoshop Elements integrates users’ Facebook Friend Lists for easily tagging photos that can then be shared directly to Facebook.
    Elements 1
      • On top of all these new features and capabilities, Photoshop Elements 10 enables developers to create tablet and mobile applications that interact with the software via the included API. This opens Photoshop Elements 10 to a new world where the fun and interactivity of touch devices and Photoshop Elements intersect.

    Premiere Elements 10

    Packing new automated features aimed at making it easy to create home movies with professional style, Premiere Elements 10 is said to "deliver innovative new features" for consumer-level video editing.

    "With video now being captured by more devices than ever, we have designed Adobe Premiere Elements with intuitive features that will help any user, regardless of experience, make the most of their videos," said Winston Hendrickson, vice president of Digital Imaging Products at Adobe. "Adobe Premiere Elements 10 now includes new features that bring video editing to a new market of consumers who come from a photography background.

    "Whether users are just getting started or ready for more customization and control, Premiere Elements makes it even easier to create great home movies with less effort."

    Elements 3

    Adobe's full list of features in the new Premiere Elements 10 follows:

    • Impressive Video Techniques for Creating Incredible Movies
      • Adobe Premiere Elements 10 empowers users to take advantage of amazing tools that help make the most out of every video. Enhancing visual clarity is even easier with Adobe Photoshop’s color correction technology for video, including new one-click tools and pro-style corrections for perfect color throughout each movie. New InstantMovie themes automatically create compelling videos in seconds. All these features make creating finished movies just as fun, as it is easy.
      • Users can turn individual photos into entertaining videos with Adobe Premiere Elements 10 by taking advantage of pan and zoom motions to add drama and interest. Automated options do the work of finding faces using content-intelligent face detection to pan and zoom to the most important elements of a photo – the people. Mac users now have the ability to use SmartSound to add a variety of musical tracks that perfectly match the length of movies. And now, Adobe Premiere Elements offers enhanced performance for 64-bit Windows 7 users.
    Elements 4
    • Showing Off the Movie Magic
      • Once users have perfected their movies, Adobe Premiere Elements offers comprehensive sharing options. The addition of exporting in AVCHD format allows users to burn high quality HD movies onto affordable DVDs using standard burners. Users can also upload directly to Facebook and YouTube from within the Elements Organizer to quickly import and share video clips.
      • For even more storage and inspiration, users can purchase Adobe Premiere Elements Plus, which offers 20GB of storage for automatic online backup and sharing (up to 15,000 photos or four hours of DVD-quality video), as well as access to an extensive library of how-to's, artwork, templates, movie themes and effects.