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Apple rumored to issue iOS 5.0.2 for battery woes, iOS 5.1 with Siri additions

A new rumor claims that Apple will soon issue an update for the iPhone and iPad in the form of iOS 5.0.2 to address battery life issues, while a more significant 5.1 update will expand Siri functionality on the iPhone 4S.

Citing an alleged Apple software engineer, German-language Apple site reported on Wednesday that a new iOS update will arrive quickly to further resolve battery issues that have plagued some users. Apple already issued one update in the form of iOS 5.0.1, but battery life problems have persisted for some users, and Apple has publicly said it is looking to address any remaining issues.

The report claims that Apple's internal goal is for iOS 5.0.2 to provide iPhone 4S users 40 hours of standby with 10 hours of active use. It said that the update will arrive "no later than next week."

As for the next major update, iOS 5.1 will allegedly feature "many changes" related to Siri voice control, but the update is not expected to arrive by the end of 2011, as work on Siri is "very expensive."

The site claims that Apple will add new voice commands to Siri, allowing users to initiate activities like taking photos, recording a video, turning Wi-Fi on or off, or enabling and disabling Bluetooth. has had a hit-or-miss track record on iOS-related rumors, as the same site erroneously reported earlier this year that Apple would unveil iOS 5 and a newly updated MobileMe at a media event in early April. Though Apple had held preview events for new builds of iOS around that time in years past, this year the company actually waited until its Worldwide Developers Conference in June to publicly show off iOS 5.