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Select Apple Stores to open at midnight and 4AM on Black Friday


In preparation for Black Friday, a majority of Apple Stores in the U.S. will open their doors early between 5AM and 9AM, 18 locations will reportedly start the day at 4AM and at least five will start sales at midnight.

Usual business hours for most nationwide Apple Stores begin at 10AM, but for the biggest shopping day of the year, Apple is reportedly preparing to open handful of retail spaces hours early on Nov. 25, according to ifoAppleStore.

At least five of Apple's retail outlets are said to be opening at midnight, including the Arden Fair, Galleria at Roseville, Vintage Faire Mall and Fashion Fair outlets in California and the Orland Square store in Illinois.

The midnight openings will be followed by 18 stores nationwide, with Rockingham, King of Prussia, Southdale, Tacoma Mall, Santa Rosa Plaza, Summit, Stoneridge, Soutchenter, Smith Haven Mall, South HIlls Village, West Town Mall, Pleasant Lane, University Park Mall, Burlington Mall, Fifth Avenue Mall, Lehigh Valley Mall, Woodfield and Ala Moana all opening at 4AM.

Remaining Apple Stores will extend their hours to open between 5AM and 9AM on Black Friday to take advantage of the company's recently advertised Black Friday sale, with only a few expected to operate on a normal schedule.

Starting in December, select locations will be extending hours, historically staying open an hour later to accommodate last-minute shoppers.

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