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Half of the enterprise is issuing Macs, 21% of workers use Apple products

A new study indicates around half of all large companies with 1,000 employees or more are buying Macs, while over a fifth of all "information workers" are now using at least one Apple product to do their work.

Apple's resurgence among business users was profiled in a report by Forrester analyst Frank Gillett entitled "Apple Infiltrates The Enterprise."

It further noted that companies buying Macs plan to increase their purchases by 52 percent this year. The study was based on interviews with 3,300 Information Technology decision makers and an additional 10,000 workers across 17 countries.

Forrester charted dynamic growth for Macs among enterprise users, noting that the percentage of companies issuing Macs to their workers has grown from 30 percent in 2009 to 37 percent in 2010 and 46 percent over the last year.

The research firm notes that among companies that deploy Macs, 7 percent of all computers being issued are now Macs.

Adoption by demographic

The firm notes that 15 percent reported using at least one Apple product (such as a Mac, iPad or iPhone), while an additional 6 percent said they used two or more. Eleven percent said they used an iPhone, while 9 percent said they used an iPad and 8 percent reported using a Mac for work.

It also points out that Apple devices in general are most popular among workers with a senior position, higher wages and among younger workers.

"Most of our sample of 10,000 global info workers earns less than $50k," the report stated, "but the adoption rate of Apple products is almost 17% even in the bottom quartile of workers who make less than $12k per year."