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Extremely rare Apple Macintosh 128K with 'Twiggy Drive' listed for $100K on eBay

An extremely rare piece of Apple history has appeared for auction on eBay in the form of a Macintosh 128K, complete with a 5.25-inch "Twiggy" disk drive.

The seller is advertising the device as the "world's oldest known complete Mac." Still in working order, the starting price on the auction is a whopping $99,995, with more than five days remaining to bid.

The Macintosh 128K was originally set to have a Twiggy floppy disk drive — a disk format developed by Apple during the creation of the Lisa. The disks, known as "FileWare," were similar to a standard 5.25-inch disk, but also had write windows on the top, and a label that ran down the side.

Though early prototypes of the Macintosh included Twiggy disks, they were eventually removed. Instead, Apple chose to go with the 3.5-inch floppy disk created by Sony, as Twiggy drives proved to be unreliable.

"To date, only bits and pieces of the original 'Twiggy Drive' Macintosh have ever surfaced... A motherboard here, a plastic case there, but never a complete machine or example," the eBay seller wrote. "This is the only one! The computer and keyboard are authentic and original, dated 1982-83. The computer and its keyboard were acquired together and complete, and have not been pieced together from miscellaneous parts."

The seller said that the Macintosh 128K powers on, chimes, and then prompts the user to insert a boot disk. A Lisa-formatted Twiggy disk does not boot the computer. Without a Macintosh Twiggy disk, the computer will not boot.

The eBay seller goes by the handle "wozniac," but noted they are not Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple. The seller said they live in Canada and have had the same eBay ID since 2007.

As of Thursday afternoon, there have not been any bids on the rare Macintosh 128K. Pictures of the device are included below, and more can be seen at the official eBay listing.

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