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Apple says it isn't working on any projects with Phillippe Starck


Apple on Friday quickly quashed rumors that it is working on a "revolutionary" new project with acclaimed French designer Phillippe Starck.

A spokeswoman for Apple said in a statement to All Things D that the company is not working on any new products with Starck. They also declined to speculate what Starck may have been speaking about in a radio interview that gained attention earlier on Friday.

Gilles Dounes, editor in chief of French Mac site, suggested to AppleInsider that Starck was not speaking about a project with Apple, but rather a partnership with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs himself. Starck is said to have designed the yacht that Jobs was having built before he passed away last October.

Dounes said he saw a sketch of a yacht with a glass roof on Starck's website a few months ago. However, the image has since been removed.

Details on the yacht were revealed in Walter Isaacson's biography of Jobs released last year. Jobs himself began designing the boat, which features 40-foot-long glass walls, in 2009, though it was not completed before his death.

Dounes also explained that Starck is known in France as someone who likes to create "buzz" for his projects and generate publicity. He was described as "quite the opposite" of Apple's more secretive design chief, Jony Ive.