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Samuel L. Jackson featured in new iPhone commercial [u]


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A new iPhone commercial from Verizon featuring actor Samuel L. Jackson has aired on ESPN, marking the return of famous talent to Apple product ads.

The spot, which reportedly first aired Monday on ESPN's Sportscenter, seems to be a Verizon-made commercial, though an abundance of Apple logos throughout make it an "official" Apple ad, reports The Next Web.

In the 30-second spot, Jackson uses Apple's Siri virtual assistant as he makes gazpacho, asking the voice-recognizing software for cooking directions, where to buy ingredients and to set timers.

Unlike Apple's recent ads, the entire commercial is music-free and without narration, which could mean that it wasn't produced by the company's advertising agency.

Credit: Shawn King

Apple previously used celebrities like Bono in iPod commercials, but ultimately moved away from high-profile hires to put focus on the product being advertised. As in the tech giant's latest iPhone and iPad ads, the device is the star while actors play small roles and are merely there to interact with the products.

Update: A second celebrity spot featuring actress Zooey Deschanel (via Mac Stories) has also begun airing. The commercial promotes Apple's Siri on the Sprint network.