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Briefly: Ahna O'Reilly cast in jOBS biopic, Sotheby's to auction Jobs Atari memo

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Actress Ahan O'Reilly has reportedly been cast to play the love interest in the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic while auction house Sotheby's will be auctioning off a Jobs memo from his time at Atari and other Apple memorabilia.

jOBS Biopic

According to Variety, Ahna O'Reilly has reportedly been pegged to play the leading female role opposite Ashton Kutcher in the upcoming independent film jOBS, a biopic chronicling the life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

O'Reilly will play Chris-Ann Brennan, a San Francisco Bay-area painter who was Jobs' girlfriend and mother to his daughter, Lisa. Brennan, who first met Jobs in high school, wrote a piece for Rolling Stone Magazine shortly after the former CEO's death in October 2011 and described him as a hopeless romantic.

The cast of Joshua Michael Stern's jOBS is starting to fill out with the casting of the two leads as well as the character of Steve Wozniak, who will reportedly be played by Broadway actor Josh Gad. Principle filming is set to begin in June at the house where Jobs and Wozniak built the first Apple computer and founded what would become the world's largest tech company.

Ahna O'Reilly | Source: Starpulse

Before her breakout role in the Oscar-nominated movie "The Help", O'Reilly had small parts in the feature films "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and "Nancy Drew."

Sotheby's Auction

Auction giant Sotheby's announced on Friday that it would be auctioning off a Steve Jobs memo which is said to be the only remaining document from his time at games maker Atari.

The five page memo is from Jobs to engineer Stephen Bristow regarding improvements to the arcade soccer game Atari World Cup Football. Sotheby's expects to garner $10,000 to $15,000 for the partially handwritten document.

Atari Memo
Source: Sotheby's

Also up for auction is the logic board from an Apple I computer which is estimated to sell for $120,000 to $180,000.