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Court documents allegedly show Samsung copied iPhone icons

New Apple v. Samsung court documents, presented by Apple on Monday as part of the ongoing Apple v. Samsung trial, allegedly show Samsung's proprietary home-screen icon designs are nearly identical to that of the iPhone's.

The collection of photos show Apple-designed icons for the iPhone's Settings, iTunes, Photos, Contacts, Phone and Notes apps, all of which bear striking resemblance to similar UI assets seen on Samsung smartphones.

Of the Samsung handsets sampled, including the Captivate, Galaxy Ace and Galaxy S, each featured iconography which was almost identical to Apple's designs. The South Korean company employs a custom UI skin over Google's Android operating system, called TouchWiz, thus the icons are specific to Samsung devices. The latest version of TouchWiz, Nature UX, was recently released with the Galaxy S III handset.

Apple registered a number of icons as trademarks in 2010, an example of which is provided below.

From Monday's court documents:

Source: Apple v. Samsung court documents