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Apple's new EarPods will ship with iPhone 5, new iPods

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Apple has redesigned the headphones that will ship with its portable devices for greater comfort and sound quality, and the new EarPods will be available with the iPhone 5 and its new iPod lineup, and will also be available for purchase separately.

Apple design chief Jony Ive said his company scanned hundreds of ears searching for commonality between them. The new EarPods are defined by the geometry of a user's ear, but they do not create a seal like other headphones.

Apple new Earpods headphones. | Source: Apple

EarPods feature a directed speaker that points forward into a user's ear canal. Another port in the back aids with mid-level tones and maximizes air flow for sound quality.

Apple said it has shipped more than 600 million sets of its previous earbuds to date. The headphones come included with all iPod and iPhone models.