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'Dramatically simpler' iTunes features new interface, tighter iCloud integration

A radically redesigned version of iTunes for Mac and PC was unveiled by Apple on Wednesday, aiming to simplify use of the desktop software and add new features like a redesigned mini player.

Apple senior vice president Eddy Cue said the new iTunes interface is "dramatically simpler" than its predecessor. The new, cleaner grid-driven interface is a major change from previous versions. It will debut in late October.

A new "In the Store" button allows users to quickly access the iTunes Store and buy more content. And Apple also said that managing playlists has been made simpler.

A new "Coming Next" button has been added that allows users to change the order of upcoming tracks. Users can also click a "Play Next" button that will add a track next in the existing queue.

Searching has been revised to show results inline, and a new min-player has also been introduced with tiny album art, basic controls, and built-in search capabilities.

Enhanced iCloud integration syncs positions of videos across devices. In one example, users can pick up where they left off on a movie across devices via wireless iCloud syncing. Apple dubbed this feature "Cloud Position."