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iPhone 5 will not support simultaneous voice and data on Verizon


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While certain models of Apple's new iPhone 5 offer support for simultaneous voice and data over LTE, it has been discovered that the advanced network of U.S. carrier Verizon, and possibly Sprint, is not compatible with the feature.

Out of the top three major U.S. wireless operators, only AT&T will be getting an iPhone 5 model that can handle simultaneous voice and data, which allows users to browse the web or use other data services while making a phone call. Verizon does have a number of LTE handsets on offer that are compatible with the company's simultaneous voice and data CDMA equivalent, SVDO.

A Verizon spokesman told The Verge that its version of the iPhone 5 will not be able to handle the feature even if it connects to the carrier's LTE network:

The iPhone 5 was designed to allow customers to place a voice call on the Verizon Wireless network, while letting customers access the Internet over the WiFi.

Although it has not yet been confirmed, Sprint's version is also believed to not support SVDO as the company will be using the same CDMA model as Verizon.

AT&T, which touted the functionality as a standout feature over Verizon since it started selling the iPhone last year, will carry over simultaneous voice and data with Apple's newest handset on both its HPSDA+ and LTE networks. It should be noted that iPhone 5 users will not be able to access LTE speeds while on a call.

It was rumored in 2010 that the then-unreleased CDMA iPhone 4 would support SVD over Verizon's network, though the functionality still remains a GSM exclusive.