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iOS 6 adoption above 15% after just 24 hours, report says

Source: Chitika Insights

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An analysis on Thursday by Chitika Insights claims Apple's new iOS 6 was installed on over 15 percent of compatible devices in the mobile operating system's first 24 hours of availability.

Ad network Chitika's analytics arm, Chitika Insights, sampled millions of ad impressions from Sept. 19 to Sept. 20, comparing the growth rate of iOS 6 to total iOS device web usage. After seeing a peak of over 16 percent earlier today, the adoption of the new iOS 6 has is now hovering at 15 percent.

The full graph illustrates the huge swell in iOS 6 usage right around the time Apple released the OS to the public. Before the mountainous climb, the number of devices running iOS 6 was well below one percent, mainly consisting of developers using pre-release version of the OS.

In comparison to Thursday's findings, Apple's previous iOS 5 took five days to breach 20 percent adoption. If the adoption rate of iOS 6 continues, it is on track to outperform its predecessor.

Chitika also points out that a similar study found the adoption rate of Google's Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, which is only compatible with certain handsets, saw a 1.5 percent in its first two months of availability.