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Rumor that Google has submitted Maps app for iOS 6 is false

Source: The Loop

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A rumor that Google had submitted an iOS 6-compatible maps app to Apple after the built-in version was removed with the new mobile OS is false, says the well-connected Jim Dalrymple.

In a trademark terse post to his website The Loop, Dalrymple said "Nope" in response to claims that Google Maps for iOS 6 had been submitted to Apple for review.

The rumor gained traction on Thursday as pundits and users bemoaned the lack of features and overall state of Apple's new Maps app in iOS 6.

Apple's iOS 6 was launched on Wednesday with Maps as one of the tentpole features, however critics have taken to bashing the software, saying that its thin feature set and lack of comprehensive coverage is a step backward from Google's offering. The internet search giant's mapping service has been refined for nearly a decade and was the main maps app in the iPhone since the device debuted in 2007.