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Rumor: Video of alleged 'iPad mini' Wi-Fi-only mockup hits the web

A somewhat blurry video of what is supposedly a model of Apple's as-yet-unannounced 7.85-inch iPad was posted to YouTube on Friday, showing slight differences from previous mockups possibly pointing to a Wi-Fi-only version of the rumored device.

The video, from Japanese language Apple blog Mac Otakara, shows what appears to be a mockup of the small form factor tablet that has gained attention over the past few weeks and was recently featured in a video two weeks ago. In that report, however, the dummy mockup sported a black strip at the top of the device's backplate, hinting that the rumored production version would include cellular capabilities.

While the mockup revealed on Friday is obviously a dummy model possibly purchased from the same source as the previous video, as evidenced by the thin plastic front screen covering what looks to be icons printed on paper, seemingly non-functioning buttons and questionable bezel size, it is missing the tell-tale black plastic insert on the device's rear shell which serves as a window for cellular radio signals.

Although merely speculation, the replica bears a striking resemblance to a previously photographed mockup seen in another two week-old report. It seems the related videos and images all came from models sourced from the same person or company, however that too cannot be confirmed.

Apple is thought to be planning a special October event which may see the release of the smaller iPad.