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Rumor: Suspect 'iPad mini' mockup allegedly shows front plate design

Source: BoLoPad

A new mockup of the Apple's so-called "iPad mini" showed up on a Chinese website early Tuesday, with the non-working unit appearing to have a fabricated front glass attached to the device's rumored backplate.

While the legitimacy of the mockup is highly suspect, the unit is one of the first physical representations of how Apple's rumored 7.85-inch tablet may look if and when it is released this fall.

Given that there are many inconsistencies with the mockup and previous "leaks," the validity of the unit, including the front assembly's bezel, cannot be confirmed by AppleInsider. As such, the images are presented here only for purposes of discussion.

The apparently non-functioning model, first discovered on website by, seems to be based on the purportedly leaked iPad mini backplate seen earlier this month, except Tuesday's images show what looks to be markings for storage capacity, model specifications and governmental certifications.

Centered near the top of the backplate is a small hole or opening, the purpose of which is unknown.

Rounding out the parts seen on the unit's backside are volume rocker and power buttons, a rear-facing camera and hold switch, all of which are most likely non-functional and may not even be official Apple parts.

Mockup Bottom

On the front is a front assembly possibly made from glass, with bezels strikingly similar to those seen in a mockup from iMore in August, though the no light seems to emanating from the screen, possibly pointing to a paper placeholder. Sitting in the center of the top bezel is a hole for a front-facing camera, though the positioning is not centered, being slightly higher than the part seen on the 9.7-inch iPad.