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Tim Cook 'ditched' physical keyboards, uses iPad and iPhone 80% of the time

NBC's Brian Williams (left) interviews Apple CEO Tim Cook (right). | Source: TVNewser

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NBC has posted another snippet of Tim Cook's interview with Brian Williams, this time regarding the Apple chief's love of the virtual keyboards implemented in iOS device like the iPad and iPhone.

In the brief clip, Williams asks Cook if he ever responds to emails from customers, whether it be praise, questions or negative feedback regarding one of Apple's products.

"Every day," Cook said, explaining, "I get hundreds, and some days thousands of emails from customers. This is a privilege because they talk to you as if you're sitting at their kitchen table. Because they care so deeply about Apple, they want to make a suggestion, or want to ask for help on something, or want to tell you how much they love the product."

The Apple head admitted that sometimes he "gets an earful" from disappointed customers.

Williams asked Cook how adept he is at using the virtual keyboard, noting that many find the feature "confounding."

"Pretty good," he said. "I think if you stick with it a little while you get quite good at it. And the auto correction is quite good."

Cook said he "dtiched" the physical keyboard, and although he still uses a Mac, 80 percent of his time is spent on an iPad.

"Of course I've got this with me all the time," Cook said, holding up a white iPhone 5.

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