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Looxcie to bring POV cameras to Europe via Apple Store, releases new enterprise model

Looxcie announced on Monday that it would be bringing its tiny Bluetooth-enabled Looxcie HD streaming camera to Europe via Apple's retail outlets and unveiled a new real-time collaborative enterprise platform called Vidcie.

Looxcie HD

Looxcie HD POV camera. | Source: Looxcie

As reported by Cnet, Looxcie struck a deal with Apple to sell its products in the tech giant's numerous outlets across Europe, marking a big step in the POV camera maker's international strategy that has until now been limited to regional resellers.

Looxcie is planning on kicking off sales on Jan. 23, when European brick-and-mortar and Online Apple Stores start carrying the company's latest model, the Looxcie HD. The camera system uses Bluetooth to link to various devices, including Apple's iPhone and iPad, for live video streaming or capture and storage.

In addition to announcing the Apple Store partnership, Looxcie also introduced the Vidcie platform for enterprise customers. The new product line, including the ruggedized and weatherproof Vidcie Tough, can be used for real-time remote viewing and collaboration during "in the field" commercial applications. Aimed at the enterprise market, the system also works with consumer Looxcie 2 and Looxcie HD devices to stream live video and sound to off-site collaborators.

"Looxcie's new Vidcie enterprise platform meets demand in the market across many industries – from security and risk management to field assistance and service escalation," said Looxcie CEO Rom Pereira. "Our integrated solution of hands-free video cams and live streaming service allows workers to solve problems and collaborate in real time, creating business efficiencies that help save money and conserve resources."

Pricing and availability for the Vidcie platform and Vidcie Tough POV camera have yet to be announced.