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Car slams into Chicago Apple Store during business hours [u]

Aftermath of Lincoln Park Apple Store accident. | Source: The Verge

The Lincoln Park Apple Store was the site of an apparent automobile accident on Sunday night when a car smashed through the outlet's all-glass facade and into a wall of accessories, leaving one person with minor injuries.

Update: A report from the Chicago Tribune notes paramedics were called back to the scene to take one injured person to a nearby hospital in "good condition."

There were no injuries in the Lincoln Park, Chicago, crash, reports The Verge, which ironically involved a Lincoln Town Car that hopped a curb and traveled some distance before breaking through the Apple Store's glass doors.

On-scene pictures from Twitter users reveal moderate damage to the Apple Store's interior, including a display table filled with MacBooks, accessory shelving and a flat-screen window display that was twisted 180 degrees from its original position after being clipped by the car.

Source: Chicago Tribune

There has been no official word regarding how the accident occurred, however it appears that the incident was unintentional unlike a recent Apple Store "smash and grab" burglary that took place in California last year. Apple has yet to release a statement regarding the accident, but we will update this article when one is issued.