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Amazon says Kindle Fire HD has comparable screen, lower price tag than iPad

Internet shopping giant Amazon is taking the iPad head-on in a new commercial by pitting Apple's tablet against the Kindle Fire HD, suggesting the two devices have comparable screen resolutions, but vastly different price points.

While Amazon's latest ad offers little in the way of specific details, it does relay the message that the starting price of the Kindle Fire HD is $200 less than a similarly equipped iPad.

In actuality, Apple's iPad bests the Fire HD's display in both size and pixel density, with a 9.7-inch panel boasting a resolution of 264 pixels per inch. As noted by BGR, Amazon's tablet uses an 8.9-inch LCD built at a slightly lower-resolution 254ppi pixel density.

Source: Amazon's Kindle YouTube Channel

A report on Tuesday found that Amazon's share of the North American tablet market crept up to 7.8 percent at the end of January, making the Kindle second only to Apple's iPad, which garnered an 81 percent share over the same period.

Apple is rumored to be preparing a high-resolution 324ppi Retina display for the next iteration of the iPad mini, the company's 7.9-inch tablet that carries a price more in line with Amazon's Kind Fire HD.