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Apple's iPad increasingly in vogue in the world of fashion

Apple's iDevices have for the better part of a decade now been recognized as fashionable digital accessories, but a new report has the iPhone and iPad exerting a growing influence on the world of fashion itself.

The app Paper by FiftyThree used on an iPad to sketch a catwalk look. Image via The Telegraph

Fashion industry insiders tell The Telegraph (via Patently Apple) that Apple's hit digital devices are driving the way people consume fashion. In years past, they say, pictures had to look great on a desktop computer, since that was the main screen on which such pictures were viewed.

"Now it's the opposite," says fashion photographer Uzo Oleh, "more people make decisions based on pictures and websites seen from their iPhones or iPads."

Apple's iPad in particular, the fashionistas say, is a driving force behind such developments. Designers use apps such as Paper by FiftyThree in order to sketch. Another app, Fashion GPS, is used by 92 percent of fashion editors, according to the app's developers, in order to manage logistics.

The iPhone and iPad — and, in a wider sense, competing devices — are causing considerable shifts within the fashion world. One such shift is the ability for designers and fashion show organizers to directly sell products through apps to the customer. Justin Cooke, chief marketing officer for the app TopShop, says that reality is bringing the future into the now.

"With everything from the nail polish to the music instantly purchasable and shareable," Cooke says, "this really is the future of the fashion show."