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Google updates Chrome iOS app with wireless printing and fullscreen viewing, Search gets bug fixes

Google on Tuesday released updated versions of Chrome and Google Search for iOS, bringing a new fullscreen view and the ability to print documents from the cloud to its Web browser, as well bug fixes for the dedicated search app.

Navigation bar (left) is hidden when scrolling (right) with Chrome's latest update.

Tuesday's update of the Chrome app for iOS lets users browse content in fullscreen mode, with scrolling gestures enabling the hiding and showing of the omnibox and toolbar. When users navigate down a webpage, the omnibox scrolls up until it is out of view, only returning when a "scroll up" gesture is performed. The feature is identical to Apple's Safari implementation and works in both portrait and landscape modes, granting a bit of extra viewing space for small-screened devices like the iPhone.

The new Chrome version also brings the ability to print web pages with Google Cloud Print or Apple's AirPrint, users can also save any page as a PDF to their Google Drive accounts. The 20.7MB download is compatible with iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads running iOS 5.0 or later.


Google also updated its Google Search app to version 2.5.2 on Tuesday. The new update brings general bug fixes to version 2.5.1, which brought improved voice capabilities that allow users to simply speak a query to get results without typing. The app can also relay answers back to the user via text-to-voice, though the functionality is limited to certain questions.

The free Google Search update comes in at 11.2MB and can be downloaded via the App Store.