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ITC delays determination in Samsung patent row against Apple

On the day it was due to issue a final determination on a Samsung patent suit leveraged against Apple, the US International Trade Commission pushed back the deadline to June 4, delaying what could be a significant decision for issues relating to FRAND licensing.


Friday's extension is the second such delay for the determination, which will be the final ruling on a case involving Samsung's declared standard essential patents for UMTS cellular communications.

The Korean company first accused Apple of infringing on its patents in June 2011, seeking an embargo on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It was later discovered that only older iOS devices would be affected by an ITC ban, as Apple is a third-party beneficiary of an existing Samsung licensing agreement for certain Qualcomm baseband chips, which Apple started using with the iPhone 4.

In September of 2012, ITC Administrative Law Judge James Gildea issued an initial determination clearing Apple of infringement, but the trade body chose to review the decision in November. The full Commission was slated to issue a ruling in March, but delayed judgment to May 31.