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More pictures of purported 'iPhone Lite' shell surface with new blue color

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Coming two days after the last batch of images showing Apple's supposed "iPhone Lite" hit the Web, another set shows the plastic rear casing against a white background, including a new blue color.

The images, which come courtesy of, are of slightly higher quality than the previous pictures, but reveal nothing in the way of new information.

As seen before, the shell appears to be constructed out of a hard, slightly shiny plastic or polycarbonate, with a metal substructure for fastening internal components and EMI shielding. In this case, the parts are covered in a protective plastic covering, suggesting they are near final production models.

While the photos don't include anything by which to gauge size, the overall shape of the casings are consistent with leaked schematics provided to AppleInsider by a major accessory maker in June. Subsequent 3D renderings made based on the specifications showed a design similar to the iPhone 5, but slightly thicker and with rounded corners.

Although the new blue shell is difficult to see in the image above, the color lines up with a May report that claimed Apple's rumored low-end iPhone will come in navy, gold, orange, white, and gray varieties.