Google Glass owners can now configure their headset, get directions from iPhone [u]

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Google on Tuesday unveiled an iOS version of the MyGlass companion app for the company's head-mounted wearable computer, making the device much more useful for iPhone owners.

Update: Google has pulled MyGlass for iOS from the App Store, but the company said it will return later this week.

The app replicates its Android counterpart's functionality closely and visually resembles Google's other iOS apps. Those with early access to Google's augmented reality headgear can use the app to set up their Glass, add and remove Glass apps, which the company calls "Glassware," add contacts to the device, and mirror Glass's display to the iPhone.

MyGlass also enables Glass's heads-up direction service, passing GPS information from the iPhone to Glass. A Bluetooth or Wi-Fi hotspot connection is required to transfer data back and forth.

According to Google, "If you don't have Glass, then downloading this [MyGlass] will be a waste of time."

MyGlass for iOS is available now as a free, 15.2-megabyte download from the App Store.


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