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Apple's first new Mac Pro shipments arrive early for Christmas Eve

The first customers who ordered Apple's distinctive new Mac Pro workstation system have started receiving their orders in time for unwrapping on Christmas.

While originally expected to begin arriving on December 30, Apple's new Mac Pro began arriving at early buyers' doorsteps on Christmas Eve.

A forum post highlighted by MacRumors noted a West Coast customer who ordered a stock 6-core Mac Pro with Next Day Shipping and got their new machine December 24.

On the 23rd, AppleInsider noted that Apple had initiated shipments of base configuration Mac Pros for customers who were able to place orders when sales went live last week. Shipping models include the $2,999 quad-core model and $3,999 6-core version.

Apple is apparently seeing constrained supply of its radically redesigned professional-level computer, as its Online Apple Store now shows February delivery dates even for standard base model configurations. BTO models are also quoted as being available to ship by February, though a specific date is not given, suggesting production has not yet ramped to full capacity.

The limited Mac Pro availability may be attributed to Apple's "Made in USA" efforts, which have the desktop being manufactured at domestic plants in Texas instead of the usual Far East partner factories.