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Apple says working on fix for random iOS 7 crashing issue

Apple on Wednesday confirmed it is working on a fix for an issue that causes devices running iOS 7 to randomly crash and reboot; a problem seen by many users since the mobile operating system debuted in September.

When Apple launched iOS 7 last September, it bet big on a completely redesigned and reimagined flagship product. Many of the changes and additions were greeted with praise, but bugs in iMessage, iCloud and other features plagued the mobile OS since release.

One of the more pervasive — and concerning — issues involves reports of continual crashing during normal use, which sees devices randomly conduct soft restarts for no apparent reason. After keeping mum on the subject, Apple has finally revealed it is indeed working on a fix that will be included in an upcoming software update, reports Mashable.

"We have a fix in an upcoming software update for a bug that can occasionally cause a home screen crash," said Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller.

In a reference to Windows' "blue screen of death" system failure, the iOS 7 problem has been dubbed by some as the "white/black screen of death" as the OS startup sequence shows either a white or black screen with corresponding Apple logo. As of iOS 7, iPhones with black faces show a black screen with white Apple logo, while those with white faces display the inverse.

Illustrating the extent of so-called "white/black screen of death" problems, the publication points to an Apple Support Communities forum thread filled with similar complaints. As of this writing, the "iPhone 5 with iOS 7 randomly shuts off" thread contains 249 replies and over 89,000 views.

In most cases, users affected by the crash see a sudden and seemingly random reboot sequence. The cause of the soft restart is unknown, though some forum members claim the issue presents itself more frequently when power levels are below 30 percent.

It is not clear when Apple plans to roll out the patch, but an optimal launch period may be on the horizon with the upcoming iOS 7.1 software update. On Monday, developers were provided with a fourth iOS 7.1 beta version for testing, though the seed notes made no mention of a rebooting bug fix.