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Zoom launches iQ5 Lightning-connected professional-grade microphone for iPhone, iPad

A new Lightning-connected accessory for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch will allow devices to record professional-quality audio through most applications, including Apple's own Camera and GarageBand.


Availability of the Zoom iQ5 was announced on Thursday in conjunction with the National Association of Music Merchants trade show. Retailing for $99.99, it includes two microphone elements in a mid-size configuration with both portrait and landscape recording modes.

Simply adjusting the circular attachment on the top of the accessory allows users to ensure audio is being recorded as they intend, with left and right channels clearly labeled. Audio can be captured in 90- or 120-degree fields, adjustable with a switch on the device.

The iQ5 records 16-bit/44.1kHz audio with an analog-type mic gain wheel for precision adjustment of input levels. The Lightning accessory also boasts three auto-gain levels, built-in timing, automatic recording, and a dedicated headphone jack.

Charging is done through a dedicated microUSB port, and the iQ5 is available in both black and white colors, to match respective Apple portable devices.

Zoom offers its own HandyRecorder app, but the company says the accessory is also compatible with Apple's native Camera application, GarageBand, and other "popular audio and video streaming apps."

The iQ5 requires an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with a Lightning connector running iOS 6 or newer. Available today, the accessory is now in stock in both black and white models at resellers such as B&H.