SwiftKey Note app arrives on Apple's iOS with Evernote integration

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Popular Android keyboard alternative SwiftKey came to iOS Thursday with the release of SwiftKey Note, a standalone note-taking application that integrates with digital archiving service Evernote.

SwiftKey's predictive text algorithms are designed to adjust themselves to the user's writing style over time, and the company leverages the Evernote integration to speed up the training process. In addition to the synchronization options offered by Evernote, SwiftKey Note can scan the user's Evernote archive and use that data as training material.

The app's language selection has been pared down slightly from that offered with SwiftKey's Android implementation, shipping with English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian. Users can still type in up to three of those languages at once, however.

SwiftKey's quick formatting options have also made the jump. Swiping toward the left on the suggested word bar will allow users to make text bold or italic, underline words, set indents, and create bulleted lists.

Notes can be organized into categories the company calls "notebooks," and users can apply searchable labels. Sharing is enabled via Apple's AirDrop or iMessage, and notes can also be emailed or copied to the device's clipboard.

SwiftKey Note version 1.6.4 is available now as a free, 10.7-megabyte download from the App Store.