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Apple updates retail store webpage with iOS 7-inspired design's new retail store page. | Source: Apple

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Apple on Monday refreshed the "Apple Retail Store" section of its website with a clean aesthetic inspired by iOS 7, complete with "flat" graphics and copious white space.

With the new look, Apple has brought the informational retail section more in line with the rest of the website, which has moved from skeuomorphic graphics to a "flatter" design representative of iOS 7. The tweaked page was first spotted by ifo Apple Store.

While the Online Apple Store and dedicated product pages switched to a white, open look shortly after the launch of iOS 7, the retail location landing page was stuck with a layout from the days of iOS 6.

With a hefty serving of negative space, the retail pages now take on a "flat" look devoid of drop shadows, "depressible" blue buttons and gray background. Instead of being segregated into separate "boxes" as seen below, text and images are now merged into a continuous flow of content.

For example, the top carousel, which currently rotates through promotional images and text for the iPad, iPhone and MacBook Pro, abuts an edge-to-edge image of the Amsterdam Apple Store.

Apple Retail Site
Retail store webpage prior to Monday's redesign.

Previously, second-tier retail pages like "Shop," "Learn" and "Genius Bar" had their own divisional boxes. The three categories — with the same pictures and corresponding text — are still there, but instead of being segregated, they share a common row of negative space outlined by thin gray lines.

Ancillary retail pages have received the same treatment, including the Apple Store locations list.

The update is representative of's continual evolution, which usually takes graphical cues from the company's operating systems.