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Rumor: Design of Apple's new big-screen iPhone will be cross between iPhone 5c & 7th-gen iPod nano

With Apple widely expected to launch a new, larger iPhone model this year, a new report claims the external design will take numerous cues from the company's mid-range iPhone 5c, as well as its seventh-generation iPod nano.

Alleged details on Apple's plans for this year's iPhone lineup were published on Tuesday by Japanese blog Macotakara. Citing a trusted source, author Danbo said that Apple has designed two larger iPhone models, sporting 4.7- and 5.7-inch displays, which are final candidates for launch later this year.

The anticipated larger iPhone is rumored to be a high-end iPhone 5c, but that doesn't necessarily mean it will continue to have a plastic back, as the iPod nano achieves its colors with anodized aluminum.The new models are apparently a cross between the design of the iPhone 5c and the seventh-generation iPod nano. According to the source, the new, larger iPhone won't be a replacement for the existing iPhone 5c, but will be akin to a higher-end model.

The report gave no indication that the bigger iPhone 5c model will sport the same polycarbonate plastic back as the current model, instead suggesting that Apple would take design cues from its latest iPod nano. Like the iPhone 5c, the seventh-generation iPod nano comes in a range of colors, but does so with an anodized aluminum body rather than plastic.

The new model is reportedly expected to have similar button shapes for volume and mute as the iPhone 5c, as well as the same rounded back edges. In addition, it was said that the holes on the bottom of the handset for speaker and microphone will also follow the design established by the iPhone 5c.

The larger 5.7-inch model is said to be 7 millimeters thick, which would be a half-millimeter thinner than the iPad Air. This thinness would reportedly require the rear iSight camera to protrude slightly from the case, much like with the fifth-generation iPod nano.

The report said it's possible that the phone could become thicker before release to prevent this protrusion. It was said that the iPad Air was also first developed with a thickness of 7 millimeters, but was eventually expanded to 7.5 millimeters.

Macotakara has a respectable track record in predicting Apple's future iPhone plans. Last year, the site's sources revealed the 2013 iPhone lineup would come in a new range of colors, and it was also the first to claim that the iPhone 5s would feature a dual LED flash for more natural looking photos.

The site also was first to state that the new pill-shaped flash module would be accompanied by a circular rear-facing microphone located between the flash and the iSight camera lens.