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Questionable 'iPhone 6' render claims Apple's next handset will be 33% thinner

A dodgy set of renderings sourced from Eastern Europe on Friday purport to show Apple's next-generation iPhone with a chassis designed to hold a 4.7-inch display in an ultra-thin 6 millimeter cross-section.

An iPhone with rounded edges and a 67-millimeter-by-138-millimeter footprint is depicted in the shots, which also match previous rumors by placing the power button on the device's right side. The renderings were sourced by Ukranian blog UkrainianiPhone and first noticed by

A z-height of 6 millimeters would make the handset 1.6 millimeters slimmer than the already-svelte iPhone 5 series, an impressive accomplishment. The current-generation iPod touch slots in at 6.1 millimeters thick.

The rumor follows a report from earlier this week saying that Apple was having trouble manufacturing batteries thin enough for their new device, though that note was in the context of a larger handset that would sport a 5.5-inch display. No such rumors followed the 4.7-inch variant, and it would be difficult to argue that Apple would make the larger device even thinner than 6 millimeters.

One factor working against the renders' authenticity is the lack of a cutout for Apple's dual-LED TrueTone flash, a problem that has plagued many schematic "leaks" of the iPhone 6. TrueTone is a flagship feature for Apple's iPhone 5s, and it is extremely unlikely that the company would drop it a single generation later.