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ESPN Radio & local NPR stations come to Apple's iTunes Radio streaming service

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Live 24-hour streaming sports content from ESPN Radio, as well as local National Public Radio affiliates from around the U.S., are now available to hear on Apple's iTunes Radio service.

The new ESPN Radio channel can now be found within the iTunes Radio section of the Music app on iOS devices. It's also available through the iTunes Radio section of the iTunes suite on Macs and PCs. Its availability was first noticed by AppleInsider reader Aaron.

Unlike the custom built stations available in iTunes Radio, which dynamically stream tracks to users based on their listening habits, the ESPN Radio channel is a live stream of the same content being beamed out to terrestrial radio stations around the U.S.

Also available are local NPR affiliates, which can be streamed live from major and even smaller markets around the U.S., including New York and Los Angeles. As of Tuesday, dozens of NPR stations can be found on iTunes Radio.

NPR had already launched its national network on iTunes Radio in March, and promised that local affiliates would be forthcoming.