Apple takes iPhone and iPad trade-in program to Australia with credit up to A$250

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Apple on Monday announced an expansion of its iPhone and iPad trade-in program to cover customers in Australia, who can now bring older iPhones and iPads to receive up to A$250 to put toward a new device purchase.

In a statement provided to MSN affiliate ninemsn, Apple officially announced Australian availability of its in-store iOS device trade-in program, which will offer customers in the country up to A$250 (about $234) for iPhone and A$215 (about $202) for iPad trade-ins.

Under the program's terms, late model iOS devices like the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iPad Air, as well as first-generation products, are not eligible for credit. Apple notes that customers can still bring in older devices for free-of-charge recycling.

Apple first debuted its trade-in program in the U.S. last August, offering at most $280 per device to put toward the purchase of a new iPhone or iPad.

The initiative was later extended to the UK, Canada, Italy, France and Germany under the Reuse and Recycling banner.


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