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Plethora of alleged 'iPhone 6' parts show Apple logo, cables & camera ring

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The latest series of leaked parts show a number of components claimed to be for a future "iPhone 6," including more evidence of an embedded rear logo, along with an assortment of internal cables, and what could be a closer look at the ring that will cover the device's rear camera lens.

The long list of parts were revealed on Monday by Most notably is a single flat metal piece with the Apple logo emblazoned on it, suggesting that the logo will be its own embedded component on the new device.

Also included is what appears to be an external camera ring, though the likelihood of the next iPhone featuring a protruding lens seems suspect. It's possible that the component — or all of the parts — could actually be for a next-generation iPod touch, as the current fifth-generation model does feature a protruding lens.

The other parts appear to show mounting brackets for Apple's future device, whether it be an iPhone or iPod. They include a headphone jack hole, support around a home button, as well as a space for a Lightning connector, all of them lacking any electrical components.

While minor, many of the parts pictured on Monday are the closest look yet at some of the smaller components expected to be found in Apple's next iPhone. Purported "iPhone 6" parts have been regularly leaking online for weeks, as Apple is believed to have begun ramping up production of the handset ahead of an anticipated debut next month.

Most recently, images showing what was claimed to be an assembled 4.7-inch "iPhone 6" display were leaked over the weekend. They showed the screen complete with cover glass, mounting structures and flex cables.

Apple is expected to hold a media event on Tuesday, Sept. 9 where it will debut the so-called "iPhone 6" to the public for the first time. Rumors have pegged Apple as launching two models with larger screen sizes: a 4.7-inch model, and a jumbo-sized 5.5-inch variant.

If Apple holds with its usual annual release pattern, the next iPhone would become available to own the following Friday, Sept. 19. But some recent rumors have suggested that the 5.5-inch model may be facing production issues that could lead to a slightly later debut for that version.