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Thailand government official claims Apple has received approval to sell 'iPhone 6'

Thailand's National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission has approved two new Apple handsets — said to be variants of the so-called "iPhone 6" — for sale in the country, the regulator's secretary general revealed on Wendesday, suggesting that Thailand could join the list of launch countries for the next-generation devices.

The new phones sport model identifiers A1586 and A1524, according to Thai broadsheet Manager Daily. Apple is said to have submitted the applications on Aug. 5 and received approval on Aug. 8.

Such an early filing date could indicate that Apple plans to expand the scope of the initial launch of an "iPhone 6." The company did not seek approval for the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s in Thailand until Sept. 25 of last year, and the handsets eventually began shipping in the Southeast Asian nation on Oct. 25.

While Apple is widely rumored to be planning the release of two all-new iPhones next month —  one 4.7-inch model and a larger, 5.5-inch "phablet" variant — the existence of the two disparate identifiers does not necessarily support that case. Apple ships six distinct models of the iPhone 5s, for instance, depending upon the region and network technology in use.

Apple is reportedly planning to introduce the "iPhone 6" at a media event on Sept. 9, though no formal announcement has been made. If the company follows its traditional release schedule, the handsets would then become available on Sept. 19.