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Purported 'iPad Air 2' flex cables revealed in new photos

In what could be the first images of internal components destined for Apple's iPad Air refresh, fresh photos out of the Far East reportedly show a batch of flex cables including easily recognizable antennas for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS.

The largest of the purported "iPad Air 2" parts, seen above, appears to consist of multiple flex cables related to the tablet's communications package. More specifically, comparing the component to current iPad Air flex cables, the long central part is likely a Bluetooth/Wi-Fi antenna assembly, while the smaller offshoot on the left could be a GPS antenna.

According to French language blog iPhonote, the photos come second-hand from an anonymous source with connections to a Shenzhen parts supplier. As such, AppleInsider cannot vouch for the photos' veracity.

The closeup of the purported GPS antenna (left most photo in gallery below) shows minor tweaks in the metal shielding structure, though the shape of the part remains the same as current design. This jibes with rumors saying that Apple will keep external aesthetics, as well as internal layout, largely the same.

Today's report also claims to show flex cables for what is thought to be a redesigned microphone connector and an unknown grounded interconnect. Finally, the publication posted a few images of what is believed to be a display assembly bound for the 4.7-inch "iPhone 6," though the photos reveal no new information.

Rumors relating to the iPad Air 2 have been few and far between, though supposed parts are starting to "leak" out of China. Earlier this month, a report claimed to reveal the tablet's rear shell, highlighting minute changes in design like larger speaker holes and recessed volume buttons. On Wednesday, a rumor claimed Apple is planning to bump onboard RAM to 2GB for the second-gen iPad Air, while leaving the current 1GB of RAM for the next iPad mini with Retina display.

A launch date is unknown, though Apple could take the opportunity to unveil the device at an expected iPhone launch event on Sept. 9. A more likely debut would be in October, the same month Apple chose to reveal the first iPad Air in 2013.