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Rounding up some of the newest cases for Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

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Apple's decision to move to an all-new —  and larger —  form factor for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus means that buyers will once again be in the market for new cases. AppleInsider rounded up a selection of compatible cases from the usual suspects as well as some new entrants.


As has become par for the course, Apple has added its own spin on cases for its new form factor devices. With the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the company has chosen to provide both leather and silicone options.

The leather case comes in five colors and sports a microfiber lining. The silicone case, meanwhile, comes in six colors — including (Product)Red —  with a soft touch exterior and microfiber interior.

Cost: $45.00 and $49.00 for the leather versions, $35.00 and $39.00 for the silicon variants.

Availability: All four cases are available for purchase and shipping now from


Incipio is one of the largest and most popular makers of cases for Apple's various product lines, and the company has unsurprisingly updated five if its cases for the iPhone 6 series. The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 can be safely ensconced inside Incipio's Stowaway, DualPro, Feather, Rival, Highland, Phenom, NGP Edge, Octane, and Watson cases.

The Stowaway features a credit card case and stand built in to its polycarbonate and polymer shell; the DualPro is a polycarbonate case with an impact-absorbing TPE core; the Feather is an ultra-thin polycarbonate case; the Rival is a co-molded transparent textured case; the Highland is a brushed aluminum-style folio; the Phenon is a lightweight, drop-resistant case; the NGP is a flexible polymer case; the Edge is a hard-shell slider case; and the Watson is a leather wallet folio that can hold up to three credit cards and doubles as a stand.

The 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, meanwhile, gets jumbo versions of the DualPro, Feather, NGP, Stowaway, Highland, and Rival. Each is offered in a variety of colors, ranging from standbys like black and white to more bold choices including neon pink.

Cost: $34.99 for the Stowaway, $29.99 for the DualPro, $24.99 for the Feather, $29.99 for the Rival, $39.99 for the Highland, $34.99 for the Phenom, $19.99 for the NGP, $29.99 for the Edge, $44.99 for the Watson, $24.99 for the Octane.

Availability: All of the cases are available for pre-order from Amazon and


OtterBox is another of the most-loved iPhone case makers, and they too have shown off iPhone 6-compatible versions of their rough-and-tumble enclosures. The Defender, Symmmetry, and Commuter series —  which feature all-around protection —  have all added iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus variants, as has the Clearly Protected range of stick-on polyurethane covers.

Otterbox's Alpha Glass screen protector, meanwhile, has been updated for the iPhone 6 but has yet to make its way to the larger iPhone 6 Plus.

Cost: Price varies depending on configuration. $59.90 - $69.90 for the Defender, $39.95 - $54.95 for the Symmetry, $39.90 - $49.90, for the Commuter, $39.90 - $49.90 for the Commuter Wallet, and $19.95 - $34.95 for the Clearly Protected. Alpha Glass for the iPhone 6 comes in at $29.95.

Availability: Defender, Symmetry and Commuter are available now, while Commuter Wallet, Alpha Glass, and Clearly Protected are "coming soon."

Exclusives: MacMall is offering the Otterbox Defender Series Case for iPhone 6 - Black (77-50206) for $37.46 (25% off) when using this link and promo code APPLEINSIDER01 through 10/6/14.

Also till 10/6/14, MacMall is offering AI readers 25% off a half dozen additional colors and configurations of the Otterbox Defender Series — including, Camo, Pink, Purple, and Blue models — details of which are at

Urban Armor Gear

Urban Armor Gear (UAG) is another impact resistant case marker that aims to provide the best possible protection in the smallest possible profile. Its cases feature a feather-light composite construction, armor shell, and impact resistant soft core. UAG says its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases, along with all its others, have been certified MIL-STD810G - 546.6 compliant in meeting military drop-test standards. The cases also include an HD Screen protector that guards against scratches and are available in 6 colors (Aero, Maverick, Navigator, Outland, Scout, Valkyrie) now, while Scout Folio and Rouge Folio editions will be available shortly.

Cost: UGA's iPhone 6 cases retail for $34.95. Its iPhone 6 Plus cases are priced at $39.95.

Availability: Aero, Maverick, Navigator, Outland, Scout, Valkyrie are available on Amazon and UGA, while the Folios are available for order.

Radius v2

A cross between a bumper and a traditional snap-on case, the Radius v2 is designed to protect the corners and rear of your device from drops with a minimum of added weight or bulk. It's made from aluminum, though its manufacturer promises no signal loss.

Cost: $69.99 for standard aluminum finish, $89.99 for gold and $169.99 for a limited-edition platinum version.

Availability: Pre-orders being accepted now at for both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


Buyers who prefer a little more customization will find it at Casetify, a company that lets you print Instagram photos onto 2.5-millimeter thin snap-style iPhone cases. If your Instagram account isn't up to snuff, Casetify also allows you to choose from a variety of pre-made designs.

Cost: $39.99 for both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Availability: Pre-orders are available now at, with shipments starting in late September.

Exclusive Discount: AI readers save 10% on all Casetify orders when using this link and applying coupon code APPINSIDER at checkout.

Silk Innovation

A relative newcomer, Silk Innovation has brought three cases to the iPhone 6-series party. The ClearView Slim case features a now-popular design comprised of a clear polycarbonate back combined with a rubber side bumper; the Stealth Armor Tough case combines a polycarbonate shell with a rubber core, interchangeable back plates, and a screen protector; and the Vault Slim Wallet is a soft-touch full-coverage case that can hold three credit cards.

Cost: $11.99 for the ClearView Slim, $17.99 for the Stealth Armor Tough, and $14.99 for the Vault Slim Wallet.

Availability: All three cases are available for purchase now from Amazon.

Ventev aria, via, and penna

Ventev has adopted three of its existing cases for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6. The aria is a polycarbonate model with raised silicone "grip lines" on the back; the via is an entirely silicone case with a Y-shaped translucent rear accent to show the Apple logo; and the Penna is a formed leather case with a microfiber lining.

Both the aria and via are offered in two color options, while the penna comes in three choices.

Cost: $24.99 for the aria, $19.99 for the via, and $34.99 for the penna

Availability: Ventev's iPhone 6 cases are available now from Amazon and

Tech Armor Screen Protectors

For those iPhone 6 owners looking simply for a screen protector, rather than a case, Tech Armor offers two versions: A standard High Defintion (HD) Clear Screen Protector and an HD Clear Ballistic Glass Screen Protector — the latter of which is advertised to not only protect against scratches, but offer protection from high impact drops. Tech Armor notes, however, that it will be releasing more precisely designed versions of these screen protectors in several weeks after the company has had time to adjust to make any adjustments using Apple's final release of the iPhone hardware.

Cost & Availability: First release versions of Tech Armor's iPhone 6 screen protectors are available now on Amazon as part of its weekend daily deals, priced at $5.90 for the standard version and $10.99 for the ballistic glass model. Versions for the iPhone 6 Plus have not yet been released.

Even More Options

Of course, there are thousands of other iPhone 6 case options making their way to market. Several Apple Authorized Resellers have created pages dedicated to highlighting the latest arrivals including:

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